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  • Milagros says:

    I acquired an application update from Yahoo Messenger hrs ago and permitted it to update. Following the installation, i came across that my chat archives aren’t available any longer! I attempted installing free software to recuperate my chat archives but not one of them appear to become working. Can there be any procedure i’m able to follow to recuperate my chat conversations?



  • Bryanna says:

    I erased Facebook messages which sent these to the archives. I Quickly went and erased them in the archives too. Now Let me recover individuals. Is the fact that possible?

  • Franklyn says:

    I’ve discovered the area that states “message archives” but it’s empty. I understand of conversations previously that I have to find somewhere but I’m not sure where. Any help?

  • Brian says:

    I’ve seen the state United kingdom Charts Company website plus they have only archives for that Dance Chart returning to 2009. I am searching for the United kingdom Dance Charts (not mainstream pop charts) archives returning towards the eighties. Does anybody know where I ought to look?

  • Alexa says:

    where will i find my archives of ym on my small computer? im purchasing a brand new computer and desire them to be shown there too. so can one copy them?

  • Romeo says:

    I lately installed the brand new form of YM and discovered will be able to store my messages online but this is not on my pc. Can one save these on my small hard-drive?

    I should also open old aged messages. I replicated the archives within my profile however when i connect to the Conversation History, i’m able to only begin to see the recent messages saved online.

  • Cynthia says:

    Another uses erased my Yahoo Chat archives. I want a number of them for legal reasons. How do you have them back?

  • Maryann says:

    I needed a buddy to transmit me archives of the chat with an email and that i first got it to visit the archives place but all i see is amounts and symbols. How do you have it to see like a normal sentence? I cant learn how to get it done. Any help could be great. Also i am not good with computer systems therefore if there is a way allow it to be really easy to understand along. Thanks

  • Walton says:

    I heard on the documentary on television that whenever a Pope dies, his personal archives aren’t launched towards the public until 75 years later.

    Why 75? Why the dpi?

  • Zelda says:

    I am a united states likely to England to look my loved ones history. I understand they originated from Yorkshire, Warwickshire and Kent, what exactly I’m wondering is that if I ought to visit the capitals of those areas or maybe the nation’s Archives working in london might have everything I am searching for. Any ideas is going to be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

  • Marty says:

    I just read and listen to he spoke in the National Archives, but what’s that exactly? I can not really find anything online that satisfies my fascination with it. Any enlightenment could be appreciated.

  • Roy says:

    i moved a hard disk from the fried computer to enhance my new computer. that old drive was the primary one, with OS and everything intact. i still haven’t reformatted it, so all the details continues to be inside. i’d greatly prefer to retrieve my old yahoo IM archives before reformatting to enhance my memory capacity. you will find lots of great reminiscences inside which i treasure. any assistance is greatly appreciated. appreciate your time and effort.

  • Tiffanie says:

    since i looked under memory and i’ve got a much more on archives..

    i simply mirage os for games..

  • Samuel says:

    The people and that i were built with a discussion a couple of days ago, but that discussion has become lost within the archives. I’m wondering if there is a method to view all of the discussions within the archives from first day to provide.

  • Clark says:

    I wish to have the ability to access my chat archives from Yahoo Messenger regardless of what computer these were initially sent from. At this time, I’m able to only access archives around the actual computer that I did previously send the content, but Let me have the ability to see these at the same time. What is the method of doing this? IM History is disabled, so that isn’t a choice.

  • Arturo says:

    Should you choose, can there be in whatever way of maintaining that old archives whenever you update to some more recent form of YM? Thanks!

  • Fabian says:

    I accidentally hit delete all my archives conversations on yahoo messenger and now I cant recover any. I have heard the hard drive saves yahoo messenger conversations so is there any way it can be recovered at all?

  • Terrell says:

    My dream job will be the director from the National Archives (U.S.) or even the Smithsonian. Included in my grade in my senior thesis, I must perform a ms powerpoint about this job. Area of the needs with this is stating the salary. I have looked however i could not find anything definitive. If anybody knows or may find this data I’d greatly be thankful! Thanks!

  • Lucina says:

    I’ve got a large amount of important conversations within my Yahoo archives that I’d rather not lose after i switch computer systems, from the PC to some Mac. Can there be in whatever way (apart from saving all of them as text files) to transfer them?

  • Fawn says:

    Correct me if im wrong but is not the nation’s Archives in Electricity?

    Type of odd they’d allow it to be in Area 51 rather for Crystall Skull.

  • Loreen says:

    I’m thinking about finding some good info through obituary archives, however i don’t know where to start. Can there be this type of factor as obituary archives? Any help could be great. Thanks.

  • Val says:

    I urgently have to print a whole message archive from messenger like a PDF. Consider you will find so *many* messages in almost any given discussion, only half a string approximately will get printed per page. And That I never have the ability to print several page: Messenger just does not allow me to.

    How do i solve this issue?

    I urgently have to print entire archives, not basically single pages that do not fit over fifty percent a messenger discussion.

  • Hang says:

    Within the movie Raiders from the Lost Ark I discover their whereabouts store it having a forklift. I’ve counted the rows and it may be in row 230/a/16 within the warehouse however i aren’t able to find this warehouse on mapquest or google maps. If you’re able to let me know this warehouse location as well as the row it’s in, I must take a look in the Archives for any couple of days simply to show my buddies.

  • Lionel says:

    I’ve attempted and attempted to remove certain messages from my archives on messenger. This area appears saying they’ll be erased permanently, but each time i am going back and appearance the messages remain, any ideas how you can remove these.

  • Wenona says:

    I swear I have looked everywhere for that images proven around the preview for Archives within the primary menu however i cant find anything. Im really annoyed cos they appear like such awesome pictures, does anybody understand how to view them, either around the console or online?

  • Bert says:

    Im carrying out a journalism training and that i require a good reference, but Im getting little luck finding good journalism archives. I want archives which are arranged by genre’s not by authors. What im searching for are articles on war children.

  • Alissa says:

    pl let me know how you can remove conversations permanently from archives of yahoo messenger, because after i remove it’s getting erased however when the adjacent icon “undo” clicked on it’s getting restored!! are you able to assist me to?

  • Gerardo says:

    I am planning for a 3 day/2 evening visit to Washington Electricity at the end of August and among the places I have to see may be the National Archives. I’m wondering about how exactly lengthy will it decide to try fully enjoy exactly what the Archives needs to offer?

  • Shawn says:

    I attempted to print off photos in the Toronto Archives – JPGS to 11×14′ however when I acquired the prints back – these were super pixilated. Does anybody understand how I’m able to develop files to avert this? Thanks!

  • April says:

    I’m inside a graduate level literature course and want some good info on copyright laws and regulations and digital archives. I’m creating accurate documentation with materials I have present in various research databases. Any suggestions how I ought to do this while improving ip privileges?

  • Particia says:

    I am searching for specific articles in the New You are able to Herald and Daily Sketch newspapers. Neitehr seem to be in publications any longer, however i realize that certain libraries or any other sources hold their archives, and I am wondering where and just how I’m able to access them.

  • Barton says:

    Does anybody understand how to set a path where my messenger archive helps you to save the information? I wish to make use of a memory stay with store it there since i use 5 computer systems with messenger installed and that i don´t wish to loose any message however i don´t wish to have 5 different archives on each machine.

    My idea was before beginning messenger i make the thumb drive and Yahoo Messenger will invariably read straight to the stick.

    Any suggestions?

  • Vannesa says:

    I’ve only used IM for around per month and already a number of my messages happen to be erased despite the fact that I’ve established to save within the archives. A few of these messages were on my small pc plus some on my small rim. Can someone help thanks!

    Thanks, dl, however my “apply” tab will not highlight to consider this course of action, just the “ok” tab 🙁 Know what is wrong?

    Used to do obtain the apply action to operate finally. My messages are saved for around per month before they are erased.

  • Linh says:

    I accidently removed blog archives gadget within my blog.I have to add it again.

  • Vernell says:

    I have to see the previous chat good reputation for my frend, but regrettably i din save the msgs in monosodium glutamate archives, how do i see the monosodium glutamate now? Please assist me to, its vital and incredibly urgent…

  • Lucien says:

    When i am signing in to my yahoo messenger to another computer systems, i checked my archives but could not find my history messages within my own computer at home. I understand recent archives are just saved within the computer that you employ presently. But it is possible to software i’m able to download at home, that may store my yahoo archives even if i am signing in to another computer systems?

  • Dorothea says:

    When the Vatican archives consists of religious text that will “strengthen” the Christian belief then should not it’s distributed around all theologians instead of to some small group of theologians?

    What exactly are they really attempting to hide in the public?

  • Oretha says:

    I’m searching to locate any articles from newspapers etc in regards to a specific murder committed around March 4 1958. The newpaper archives online don’t appear to return that far. Can there be anywhere online where one can access early news tales?

  • Wyatt says:


    Would like to stress again that I am not asking concerning how to enable message archiving in Yahoo Messenger Mac. I enabled it a very long time ago (Preferences -> Texting -> Enable Archiving). But my real question is how do you view individuals archives? It appears as an apparent feature (because you already aged the messages) but sorry, I am unable to think it is anywhere with no you have pointed out it around the help pages.

    Thanks greatly for the helps.

  • Rolland says:

    I will Africa to consider pictures of documents in archives. The types of materials aren’t who is fit and also the archive is poorly lit with flourescent lights. I have heard that some digital camera models possess a feature that’s especially helpful to take black and whitened pictures (although these could be mainly ivory/beige and black). Has anybody heard about that or would you produce suggestions of brands, models that will best get the job done? Any assets available specifically for people employed in archives? Thanks.

  • Jewell says:

    How do you remove my yahoo messenger archives from my computer? I’ve home windows 7.


  • Gaston says:

    From the while using Long Ago Machine, not long ago, even though it only archives websites in times. I’m searching for an internet page published for any specific time period that the Long Ago Machine doesn’t cover, what are the good archives which have a far more frequent rate of archiving? Thanks.

  • Gregory says:

    I accidentally lost my message Archive . the only real solution I possibly could think about , was obtaining the archives .dat files in the friend I`d been talking . now I don`t understand how to make in use my very own yahoo Messenger .

  • Keven says:

    I wish to lock my archives then when others take a look at them in other computer systems, they cannot utilize them for pasting or using the info on them.

  • Kelvin says:

    There’s and choice to put cetain messages within the archives, and that i stupidly put some vital stuff inside believing that it resulted in they’d be saved rather than erased. How do you access these archives?

  • Eneida says:

    Hello, anybody understand how i’m able to find Montreal The Gazette archives sport sections for a long time 1959, 1960 around the internet? Thousand thank you for who are able to help

  • Judi says:

    My professor requested me to submit my papers to Archives of recent Academic Improvements Exchange,how do i do?

  • Myrl says:

    I erased my archives since i was attempting to make another page on their behalf. After I attempted to edit it, a window put their hands up saying it had been invalid since it was erased. How do you have it fixed on my small page?

  • Chet says:

    I understand resident evil archives would be a remake for that Wii but can there be every other variations?

  • Willie says:

    I have got the archives widget enabled, now how do you set wordpress to maneuver some blogposts in the primary page towards the archive section?

  • Charla says:

    I lately needed to download yahoo messenger again because of my computer getting the herpes virus. My message archives dated to 2006. After I downloaded the most recent version, it appears that message archive have been erased or lost. Can there be anyway will be able to retrieve or view old message archives in the previous version ?

  • Terence says:

    I have to see my message archive but i am not inside my own computer. I understand that messages are held in the yahoo messenger message archive consider i am unable to sign in my messenger within my computer i dont understand how to read them:( are we able to use of message archives from somewhere like yahoo account like what we should have in gmail?

  • Brian says:

    I am a united states likely to England to look my loved ones history. I understand they originated from Yorkshire, Warwickshire and Kent, what exactly I’m wondering is that if I ought to visit the capitals of those areas or maybe the nation’s Archives working in london might have everything I am searching for. Any ideas is going to be greatly appreciated.

  • Debroah says:

    The Vatican archives contain many secrets, in addition to historic texts around the good reputation for Europe. If the EU sieze the archives to provide freedom of accessibility people of Europe.

  • Merrie says:

    I wish to find my yahoo messenger archives folder to transmit to my pal. I’ve home windows vista and I am computer illiterate lol so um I am getting a difficult time discovering it. I visited my c drive and located the yahoo messenger folder easily. However I cant appear to locate in which the archives file could be. My pal explained to search for a “profiles” folder. However I aren’t able to find that.

  • Curtis says:

    I must work throughout your day and so i miss the majority of it’s airing.

    It is possible to website that archives the entire trial and enables public access?

    I’d appreciate some assistance with this particular, thanks!

  • Aisha says:

    Does anybody possess a box of 1992-93 Topps Archives Basketball cards to market? Please leave me know and that we can function out an offer on Ebay as well as other site.

    Does anybody possess a box or packs of 2001 Topps Archives Football cards to market?

    Does anybody possess a box or packs of 2001 Topps Archives Football cards to market? I did not mean 1992-93 Topps Archives.

  • Kasey says:

    Hi I had been planning getting Resident Evil:Archives & Resident Evil: Zero in my next Wii game. I know the Resident Evil 4/Wii version it’s upgraded then your original PS2 version. I actually do own both Resident Evil:Archives & Resident Evil:Zero around the Gamecube version but must i upgrade because it supports 480P & could it be upgrade then your last RE4? Thanks.

  • Frances says:

    On group chat in facebook, it is possible to way to check out the chat archives? It just dates back to date, but I’m wondering whether it would return just a little further. If there’s a method to do that, how can you get it done?

  • Lane says:

    I’ve my YM conversations aged, but now i’m attempting to save these to my documents. I attempted the save button in messenger, however i was not able to spread out it within my documents.

    I’ve got a large amount of conversations that I wish to save into my documents. What is the method of doing them all at one time, or must i do each one of these indvidually?

  • Lucius says:

    My qualities is placed on srchives. I understand this is when you store things. I don’t want to help keep things in archives.

  • Burl says:

    Sometimes by error i leave my messenger on and that i don’t want others to see to my message archive. Can a seperate password be intoduced to get involved with message archives?

  • Curtis says:

    Presently have yahoo beta and do not enjoy it so I must go back to regular yahoo but don’t want to get rid of my archives and contacts.

  • Sherley says:

    I personally use 2 computer systems at 2 different locations, Among the finest to understand basically can access archives from the computer I wasn’t talking on. (Sign in is identical on)

  • Ok says:

    I am an ambitious author, however i would like to operate in the government archives or even the library of congress. My primary problem, is college. How lengthy would you need to go? What can you need to do to do this goal?

  • Oralee says:

    I’ve got a text file, and i wish to combine it with multiple rar archives(around 300 archives), the only method i understand is as simple as adding the file by hand to each archive, but this is extremely difficult. Can there be any software or any shortcut method(like command line) to complete the job??


  • Robbie says:

    How can i discover the full archives (entire history) from the United kingdom Powerball lottery such as the plus 5 results, without needing to pay a subscription fee with a website to be able to download the outcomes? The plus 5 powerball lottery is going to be cancelled and also the United kingdom national lottery site states when one wants the entire archives, the other needs to send them an email. Yet I’ve e-mailed them 3 occasions already plus they haven’t responded back.

  • Walton says:

    How you can fix rar files? My archives corrupted and want to extract files saved inside it.

  • Sanford says:

    In Y! messenger 9 i possibly could just press alt+change+v to see entire archive however in version 11 i can tell only recent conversations. Any solutions?

  • Edward says:

    I’ve conversations having a friend on my small pc, he makes use of apple iphone facebook chat. I understand on his phone he is able to remove, however the messages visit archive, which from apple iphone he cannot really remove…he or she must do that via a computer. Basically remove my aged messages with him, does it remove them from his archive too? Thanks.

  • Milo says:

    Want to archive all group messages, although not show all on home page.

    How may we archive specific messages or subjects, although not ask them to proven around the home page ?

  • Nicky says:

    My computer went mad and that i had the choice to support right before I needed to restore the pc to factory configurations. I have restored our old data however i can’t appear to locate where my aged chats from yahoo messenger go? Any help could be appreciated!

  • Arianne says:

    I just read these instructions but cant find “History” anywhere to allow a brief history to become saved to my yahoo account

    How do you archive my messages?

    Here’s how:

    Click History within the top-right part of the page.

    Within the top-right from the message history window, click Options.

    Check “Enable Message History” within the dialog.

    Click Done.

  • Alexis says:

    I upgraded to 9. and didn’t save my aged messages. Can there be in whatever way to retrieve them? After I attempted to drag them on another person’s computer I possibly could not get it done without copying them also it stated these were saved around the c drive. So should not I still have the ability to discover their whereabouts?

  • Raphael says:

    I get archives came back from dating back to last December. I’ve Home windows 7 and also the latest Yahoo Messenger, what exactly shall we be held doing wrong?

  • Minh says:

    I’ve a classic video camera I wish to archive some tapes from but when possible Let me obtain a 1:1 backup (I’ve enough space on their behalf).

    What’s the best software to archive the tapes over firewire?

    Ideally something that’s free or something like that that has a normally unrestricted trial.


  • Alden says:

    I must change my blogger archive frequency from 30 days to longer, like 3 several weeks. How do you do that?

  • Adele says:

    Particularly, I’m thinking about aged articles from the National Enquirer. I must try to search articles a minimum of annually old. Thanks!

  • Bobbie says:


    I’ve my very own message archive nevertheless its different pc and today i wish to integrate it within my now using pc.

    i replicated all archive folder from old system and copied and pasted into now using.

    Nevertheless its unable to identify.

  • Lonnie says:

    For instance, a monarch helps make the rules and the subjects need to abide by it. the main word arch means ruler. the term archive means chief or public record information but exactly what does which have related to rules?? its in my dumb spelling hw.

  • Tawana says:

    Can you really open aged messages from yahoo when offline?

  • Leslee says:

    can anybody make his personal archive? If so then what he need to retain in it?

  • Iva says:

    Are they not both same given that they dissapear forever? Used to do once see something about viewing your Archive folder, however i aren’t able to find it. If archiving is much like removing, i quickly wouldn’t need to do a lot steps to removing forever.

    But they are there variations among both trashing and archiving?


  • Isidro says:

    I am running Outlook 2003 and I wish to archive my mails every single day, during the last thirty days. How do you do this?

  • Katheleen says:

    I personally use greater than 1 computer so when I consider the IM archive, I’m able to only see individuals messages sent/received on the pc that i’m using at that time. How do i begin to see the archive of IM messages sent/received on the different computer without activating that computer?

  • Vito says:

    I believe tape is most likely the solution for long-term archiving. I have heard that burned Compact disks/Dvd disks only continue for about five years and hard drives are susceptible to mechanical failures. Solid condition drives and USB thumb drives are susceptible to putting on out following a couple of years too I have read. Every other helpful information or tips could be appreciated. Cheers.

  • Nora says:

    I wish to have the ability to archive message threads to avoid them from being seen by future people from the group. What is the method of doing this? I’ve it set to ensure that just the moderator have access to the aged messages, try not to understand how to have them there or how you can access them myself basically could ever decipher it!

  • Roberto says:

    All was OK on Sunday. I happened to check out the archive yesterday, and located most messages were corrupted, with the majority of the text missing. Later, the written text was restored towards the messages, but a lot of the written text was clumped together, with lines running together to really make it practically unreadable.

    We has 12 many years of weekly news letters with that board, I’d hate to determine everything trashed.

  • Mariano says:

    I have to do your homework using materials only accessible in a private archive. I’ve written for them explaining how valuable their materials could be for any book that i’m writing. They haven’t responded. What’s the easiest method to encourage them to take my inquiry seriously?

  • Alissa says:

    I’ve got a host of messages within my Yahoo Messanger Archive, I lost them within my computer. Is it feasible that i can retrieve each one of these message through my yahoo id?

  • Daisy says:

    I am dificult to locate archive history in web messenger, cuold yuo please train me how you can setting archive in web meseenger, thx.

  • Crystle says:

    Should you right click a film or file and visit qualities, there’s the read only, hidden and archive button at the end. I understand exactly what the others mean, but exactly what does archive mean?

  • Lovie says:

    How can you remove aged (already erased) messages on Facebook?

    If anybody will easily notice me the way i would greatly be thankful.

  • Alec says:

    Hi everybody

    I’ve had this PC for many years. I’ve this massive messages within my yahoo messenger archive that are in some way important that i can keep. So, I love to transfer these to my new computer however it requires a very long time basically just copy paste them somewhere to be able to have them, can there be every other ways in which I possibly could do that?! Has yahoo messenger this selection?!

    Thanks a lot

  • Oren says:

    Within the interest of saving time and effort Let me save my entire Yahoo Messenger chat archive to some disk w/o needing to copy or load every individual chat friend or chat date. Does anybody understand how to achieve this? Mostly I only care to get this done before improving to Messenger 10 without losing these chats from version 9, safe.

  • Christin says:

    How extensive may be the wayback machines archive? Will this finish available online for eventually? Will it crawl everything like google?

  • Susana says:

    how can i find my message archive saved within my computer?I did previously think it is in program files/yahoo/profiles/archive, but it is not there any longer.

    And just how can one read some old message archive files i’ve saved that are .dat type ?

  • Nery says:

    There’s an choice to save message history on Yahoo Messenger right? Used to do that on my small old laptop. Regrettably it broke.And So I purchased a new computer. I guess the message archive data in the old laptop could be moved to my new laptop to retrieve my messages.All of this? So that as I installed Yahoo Messenger on my small new laptop it had been instantly set to obvious message archives. Performs this modify the old data on my small laptop? Help.

  • Audrey says:

    my hubby states he used his computer systems to possess a conversation while his archive is placed to off….he sometimes uses my computer so when he drenched in (his archive is placed to on) he’s sees the conversation saved there, so he’s accusing me of putting it there.

    If his archive is placed to off and that he swears he’d the conversation there, how is it feasible for this to be my computer unless of course he’d the conversation on mine??

  • Elin says:

    I simply installed a brand new tumblr theme, and my archive link is missing. How do you have it to appear again?

  • Lemuel says:

    After I attempt to remove email for gmail on my small ipod device it states “archive”. Exactly what does which do and just what will it mean?

  • Andy says:

    how do you set avast to scan the archive files after i operate a virus check?This area states scan archive files: disabled

  • Dorthy says:

    i hav arrived at know that people can archive messages in yahoo msngr(keep im conversations as that in the search engines talk) however i dont understand how to activate the feature…attempted following a instructions in yahoo msngr web page but useless…make sure you help if u know…..

  • Ernest says:

    Please give ideas about digital archiving

  • Elin says:

    i simply registered with gmail on my small apple iphone and that i attempted removing some junk e-mail and that i didnt visit a remove button just accurate documentation one, and so i aged them. would be the messages removed?

  • Rosalba says:

    For those who have accidentally place a message into an “archive” how can you have it fixed?!!!!!! Quick!

  • Ardith says:

    i would like an accumulation of batman’s historic tales, but have no idea where. Must i try the Batman Archives series or even the Batman Stories series? and when not does other people have suggestions?

  • Louis says:

    I can not appear to locate a precise definition for which a pc archive is.

    I have to know for any class.

  • Cody says:

    I’ve erased my message archive in error in yahoo messenger! Can there be any possibilty to possess my archive back!!!??? Help!

  • April says:

    I will begin a job coming week as well as in job description it’s pointed out that i have to help in archiving but i’m not sure exactly what does archiving mean and just how i’m able to get it done???

    Help make your answer simple please like me not really a technical guy.

  • Fabian says:

    hi i m prefer to know did my archive whit chat is within only within my com or i within the u r web and thel me how you can check my arhive within the u r web

    basically m was dilete bifore ?

    please thel me how you can chek my archive in u r web ?


  • Marisa says:

    Now, see, I am the kinda individual who likes searching at old conversations when I have got absolutely nothing to do. I am utilizing a Mac, and that i can’t appear to spread out my Yahoo! Messenger archives. ): How do you enable message archiving and just how will i notice?

    Again, men, I stated I am utilizing a Mac. It does not work exactly the same way it will for Microsoft customers. :s

  • Pasquale says:

    I’ve downloaded and installed the most recent form of YM (australian version) and today my archive is finished? Can One have it fixed? How can i think it is?

    All Used to do was stick to the prompts. yesterday I’d about 250 conversations and today I’ve none. The only real box I ticked was when requested basically decided to the conditions and terms. I’ve installed new versions within the this past year but have still maintained my archive without having done anything special until recently.

    How do i locate them on my small hard disk?

    Yahoo / Messenger / Profiles / “user title”/ Archive folder is empty :((

    Can One in some way retrieve my lost conversations? They ought to be here somewhere?

  • Nguyet says:

    after i am attempting to archive the mails it provides error as “object isn’t valid”. Even i attempted developing a new archive file exactly the same problem continues.

  • Sanford says:

    here is my problem: My configurations within my Yahoo messenger if this involves my message archive is “yes, save my messages”. this is incorporated in the computer i frequently used. Then yesterday I drenched into my account however i used another computer. so same account different computer. next time i drenched into my account while using computer it’s my job to used, my message archive was completely gone. like destroyed. my sister stated most likely the Yahoo messenger enter in another computer i made use of had different configurations to save message archive, and thus after i signed available my archive wasn’t saved… i actually want to cry now… can there be in whatever way i’m able to return my archive????? i want it please!!!!

  • Charise says:

    Can someone let me know the way i can help to save my yahoo archives from messenger into another folder will be able to remove off my hard disk?

  • Jame says:

    Exactly what does “File ready for archiving” mean instead of simply saving the file ?

  • Emile says:

    i wish to read old YM archive…

  • Yasmine says:

    within my message archive it shows that it’s enabled and shows the title and duration of messages saved but no message which was written just amounts. How do you start fixing this to ensure that I’m able to read all messages within my archive? I’d Yahoo and merely downlaoded the 9. messenger, using the other one Used to do have I possibly could read all archive saved messages but can’t using the 9. one. Help please.

  • Amy says:

    I’ve backup my message archive. How do i restore this archive on Vista. I am unable to discover the C:ProgtamYahooMessengerprofiles.

    Help me

  • Damian says:

    my old account got compromised after which i transformed computer systems. i moved my aged messages to my new computer and register title however i cant see the arcihves i transfered. will the messenger version matter? i recieve text in the future up however it seems to become code. definatly not my conversations.

    or maybe there’s a different way to see clearly without messenger i’d like to know.

  • Lemuel says:

    I have been a victom of check fraud. I met the individual on Yahoo IM. I want individuals conversation to prove my situation. However, I’ve up-to-date my versions of IM and that i can no more locate my archives. What is the way for this?

  • Ferdinand says:

    Is archiving switched on automatically or must it’s by hand enabled?

  • Soledad says:

    I’ve greater than five years of archives within my messenger archive. What is the method to download these at the same time or are you able to only do individually?

  • Latrisha says:

    after i view my message archive.. i only begin to see the last 4 periods i’d with someone.. how do you see things i typed for them per week or even more ago?

    Thanks, Jon

    i see only 4 underneath the contact that i’ve been talking with. I have to keep greater than this…

    where’s the setting to create the duration longer?

    which was my question.

    I do not visit a duration also it only saves 4-five days price of messages before yahoo messenger removes them from my archive.

    i wish to have them all.

  • Brock says:

    exactly what does archive mean

  • Dudley says:

    Can One choose emails that if only to archive individually by heading down their email list?

    Otherwise, can one alternatively choose emails if only not to archive (in order to archive the relaxation)

  • Pat says:

    Under File System Characteristics to files, what is Archiving, and just what will it do?

  • Rob says:

    I needed to download personal files also it states: Non 7z Archive.Exactly what do I actually do? I’ve 7-zip allready. Ok now what?

    It’s an .exe file, also it states that “The Chosen is really a non 7z archive”

  • Theo says:

    These archive was situated on the computer that’s busted. That old archive folder was put on my current system, but despite the fact that I required that old archive and placed it in the same position because the current archive I still can’t get access- what shall we be held doing wrong? Or what should i do in order to re-get access?

    Any suggestions? There’s not garbled words etc….simply not turning up-non-existent please help!

  • Jannette says:

    what is accurate documentation and just what was the date of the foremost and the final?

  • Dana says:

    i wish to locate an old chat from the while back, and looked with the solutions here, however i cant learn how to reach archive option. The chat would be a little under the other day… ayuda me

    i simply need to understand how to return my old chats… ive seen other q’s such as this plus they request only for the chats back, and they’re told to clik the archive option, where’s it?

    …What is the distinction between yahoo messenger and regular yahoo chat?

  • Isabella says:

    could it be illegal to archive messages on yahoo should you be requested to not through the people who you talk to?

  • Chase says:

    After I set outlook 2007 to archive, performs this mean when the email account has arrived at it’s quota, it will begin to place the older emails onto the neighborhood PC saved in a single file, labeled “archive.pst”?

    Does Outlook 07 archive only emails in the mailbox towards the .pst file?

    How do you use it with archiving folders towards the .pst?

    As with, basically have FOLDER1 with 20 emails inside it, and that i come with an archive setup, when will it begin to archive FOLDER1 emails or will it only archive the mailbox?

    When does Outlook 07 push emails to become saved around the local PC versus the exchange account and just how will it do that with folders?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated and thanks ahead of time. Best solution lands the ten!

  • Roosevelt says:

    Messenger Archives get saved from our machine.Where around the system,they get saved.Let’s say I wish to save my archives .


  • Courtney says:

    I presently have possession of the Mac small. Each time I attempt to grow b .dmg from the .zip file, it states it requires your password. This occurs using the unarchiver, archive utility, take your pick. Help with how you can take away the password completely, or discover what it’s

  • Jospeh says:

    I wish to install messenger 8 back, but I’d rather not loose my archive. Would you let me know where’s it at mess 8?

  • Nery says:

    I had been using Home windows 98 and Yahoo messenger within the C drive. Lately I’ve up-to-date my OS to Home windows XP. However i am not able to locate my “Show Recent Messeges” archive.of YM I hv the entire “C” drive of my earlier configuration as support . But how to locate the archive. Help.

  • Jackson says:

    i understand this will make me seem stupid, however the direction for immediate message archiving wasn’t very obvious. i could not discover the “history” link.

  • Olinda says:

    Utilizing a lent PC for a few days, I observed after i came back to my very own PC, the archive of chats I’d around the lent PC did not show up on my machine. This leaves me having a twofold problem. Will removing Yahoo Messenger around the lent PC, Remove completely the archive of chats I’d with that PC? Otherwise, which side I’ve found the folder of chats archive? Next, can there be in whatever way I’m able to transfer the chat archive in the lent PC to my very own PC ?

    Thanks :-))

  • Fletcher says:

    What kinda secrets there might be within the vatican archives and why wiuold they be so secret ? That bothers me ?

  • Candie says:

    I drenched on today and saw that Our convos have been erased. I went onto another account and also the same factor. In the beginning I figured someone compromised into my account however I requested a buddy and her archives were gone too. What the heck happened?

  • Hang says:

    Can anyone help?

    I wish to format my computer, how do you save or backup my yahoo messenger’s archive (chat or conversations’ archive)?


  • Jolyn says:

    I’m attempting to do your homework in my history training and thus getting used the occasions online archive before without any problems i figured i’d be fine.

    however it appears you will find some articles which you spend to see plus some you don’t.

    does anybody know why this really is and when there’s in whatever way for this or perhaps a specfic search i have to do to be able to find articles which i need.

    i’m searching for articles relevant to the price of poor people rates significance and rising poor rates with regards to a policy of laissez faire, approximately. 1830-1848 in great britan

  • Brande says:

    Hi, I am looking for the particular yahoo messenger archive folders are saved from window explorer. Also, i have replicated my old archive files from my other computer. How do i merge the 2 and it in one location?

  • Mariah says:

    I’ve accidently erased our message archive, does anybody understand how to have them back?