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Home Loans in Australia

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Purchasing a home can seem confusing at first, and there are many different types of loans for you to consider. This is a quick guide to some of the most common types of loans; you can use this information to determine which option is best for you when calculating your loan.

Variable Rate

Variable rate mortgages fluctuate to stay in line with the Reserve Bank of Australia’s official cash rates. With this type of mortgage, your required repayments can go up and down throughout the term of your loan. These loans offer more flexibility than many other options do; for example, you can make large, lump sum payments if you want to, or you can transfer your mortgage to another property later on down the road if you want to. If you go with a basic, no-frills variable rate mortgage, you can enjoy slightly lower interest rates than other options.

Fixed Rate

One benefit of a fixed rate mortgage is that your monthly payment never changes throughout the life of the loan, regardless of what the official cash rate of the Reserve Bank of Australia might be. This can be a positive thing in some cases; you might be able to lock down a lower rate, and you won’t have to worry about your payments going too high. However, these mortgages often involve penalties if you try to pay off your mortgage early, and you will miss out on lower payments if rates go down in the future.

Combination Loans (Also Known as Split Loans)

With a combination home loan, part of your mortgage will be variable and part will be fixed. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of both types of mortgages.

Honeymoon Rate

With a honeymoon rate mortgage, your lender will provide you with a lower interest rate for the first six to 12 months of your loan. Then, rates will go up to a more standard level. This can help you get accustomed to paying a mortgage payment, but it is important to plan ahead so that you will be prepared for a higher monthly payment after the honeymoon period is over.

Low Document or No Document Loan

If you are self-employed or otherwise don’t have or want to share your income information, a low or no document loan might be right for you. Although this type of loan allows you to purchase a home without having to show as much documentation as you would generally be required to provide, the rates and fees can be much higher.

  • Kathern says:

    For NSW, Australia:

    I’ve been relayed through a home loan broker which i will have to prove I’m able to pay a home loan by saving a specific amount for several several weeks before I’m able to get a mortgage (it has nothing related to the deposit). Apparently it was just introduced in through the banks. Can someone knowledgable explain this in my experience more clearly and let me know if this sounds like true for those Financial institutes, not only banks?


  • Alonso says:

    I’m 53 years old, presently recently employed by having an annual earnings of $60,000. After tax breaks, I’ve $52,000 left. This is my which you may since visiting Australia 24 months ago. I’ve 12 more years left at work. I’m single with no youngsters are determined by me. I’m searching towards purchasing just one home and also understand what kind of house using what kind of cost must i be searching for.

    I can produce a lower payment of $30,000 and my daughter has guaranteed to lead an additional $70,000 within the lower payment. I’m also, after careful information, have made the decision will be able to pay about $1,400 monthly. Can anybody let me know what kind of rate of interest the financial institution may be burdening me with? What’s the average mortgage loan rate of interest around australia?

    Say for instance, around australia should you purchased a house worth $100,000 what will be the additional, average rate of interest on that certain? Appreciate responding to my question.



    your statement atmosphere me. My daughter has 70k in the bank already. When the bank provides me with 160k, then my daughter provides me with 70k, i quickly am within my selection of purchasing a homeOrcondo worth 230k. My daughter has stated that they would also enjoy being a co-owner and there is the necessary documents to prove it. Surely that will buy us a devote the plethora of 230k.

  • Lourdes says:

    Hi. does anybody know if you’re able to reclaim any tax on owner occupied mortgage loan around australia? i just read in the mortgage watch dog, that you could. but you need to purchase the compact disc and book to discover how. they are saying it is the secret the wealthy get more potent for doing it deduction by themselves home, that no-one understands. thanks

  • Micheal says:

    I’m 35 single and also have finally compensated off all of the charge cards and also the vehicle loan… I actually want to purchase a unit around under $300 K. I’ll be leasing out a minumum of one room to talk about your debt. I’m leasing one and wish to obtain a more stable housing status so no-one can kick me out or cause me to feel move. I wish to build equity too….Any ideas??

  • Cole says:

    Are you able to recommend a great loan provider, after continuously getting the doorway condemned within our face, We’ve excellent equity.

    (Sensible solutions please.)

  • Lou says:

    I’m around australia, I’ve one default for any Telephone bill of $192 that is now compensated. I’ve possessed a home before after i was 19, offered the home and compensated the loan 24 months ago. I’ve no debt or charge cards, I nett. $1076 each week.

    I shouldn’t obtain a loan and obtain declined and then suggest my credit score look worse.

    Please let me know what you believe. Just how much deposit would I want?

  • Marylynn says:

    I am just searching for a tough figure….I haven’t got a low credit score, always compensated my bills promptly and do not have charge cards…. Among the finest a ball game figure. I can turn to the financial institution but am just beginning to browse qualities and don’t wish to comit to anything so thought it might be simpler basically had a concept of things i might get etc. Thx